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The Website of
The Murray Family's Travels

Well, if you're searching for the site on the web that has the most pictures of the Murray Family, you've come to the the right place. Of course, there are many families that go by the name of Murray, but I'm talking about my family, located in Chicago.

We consist of Jacqueline Murray (matriarch of the family), James P. Murray (a.k.a Dad), Brooke Murray, and myself, Colin Murray. We also have two cats, Sugar and Spice (who is anything but nice). My mom and I are the only two who have actually been in all 50 states (you at least have to drive through a state for it to count). I was the first to attain this great honor, and my mom, on her great quest to find a Krispy Kreme shop, finally picked up South Carolina.

This website houses samples of the volumes of photo albums carefully sealed in a special air-tight closet that represent our 18 years of travelling. As of now, there is a small '83 gallery, and a more sizable gallery for each year '87-'93. This page is in constant construction/repair, so keep checking in to see our latest trip. The navigation bar on the left will lead you to wherever you want to go on this website. After you've painstakingly gone through every page, clicking on every photo, feel free to visit my personal webpage at Enjoy,

The Murray Family